Fire Alarms and Fire Safety

Fire Alarms

Davco is a UL-Listed Fire Alarm System Installer.

Smoke Detectors sales and installation in Saugus MAFire Alarm installation, Saugus, MAFire Safety Systems Saugus, MA

Davco exclusively offers a complete line of Gamewell/FCI fire alarm systems, mass notification systems and related products including Masterboxes. Having worked with all brands of systems, we've found the GW/FCI line of products to be the best platform for our clientele.

Fully scalable, capable of voice evacuation and mass notification and available for retrofitting, GW/FCI offers an incredible line of equipment second to none. For more information on Gamewell/FCI products, please visit

Gamewell/FCI Fire Safety Equipment, Saugus, MA

In addition to Gamewell/FCI, Davco all services all brands of fire alarm equipment including, but not limited to:

*denotes factory trained/certified staff

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems Saugus, MA

Fire sprinklers are widely recognized as the single most effective method for fighting the spread of fires in their early stages - before they can cause severe injury to people and damage to property.

Davco is proud to offer testing, inspection, service
and installation of fire sprinkler systems.

In addition to sprinkler systems, our sprinkler staff is backflow preventer certified and experienced in the testing, servicing and installation of fire pumps.

Special Hazards, Fire Extinguisher
and Kitchen Suppression Systems

In order to best provide our clients with a complete line of life safety services, Davco has partnered with 2 outstanding companies in the suppression industry- Hiller New England and AllState Fire Equipment.

We've found that handling the scheduling of multiple services concurrently not only saves our customers money on service fees, but ensures code compliance. We're well versed in insurance, Joint Commission, local and federal regulations. For ease of billing, Davco offers direct bill from the above providers or Davco billing at the same rates offered by our suppression partners.

For more information on Hiller Fire and Allstate Fire,
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